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The researchers found that almost all men - a 97% prefer to regularly watch porn on the internet. The rest of the respondents decided to abstain and not to respond to provocative questions. Researchers told why men prefer porn to see, things to do real sex.

1. all just in the virtual world. No need to care for, respond to changing moods and girlfriend to notice her new hairstyle, makeup and manicure. Here, the owner man, and all the action is happening to him.

2. Meeting the needs at any time. A man can escape from the affairs or pay for porn lunchtime and choose the movie script, in accordance with its own mood and desire.

3. Save time. To relieve the tension and satisfy himself man enough for 5-10 minutes. That eliminates the long prelude, talks and desire partner.

4. Porn look normal guys. Scientists claim that only 5% of men who are fond of porn have any sexual or psychological abnormalities.

5. Some look pornoroliki to study physiological features, new poses and ways to meet.

6. Most men masturbate when porn, even if they have everything in order with the sexual life and satisfaction.

7. Women are less likely to watch pornography, because they have developed imagination, and they just printed products, and the rest, they come up with themselves. Men depend on visual images, and, therefore, choose porn


For many men, the image of the perfect lover associated with oral sex, which gives a woman, really enjoy it. Ideally, you should wind up on the blowjob or get an orgasm from anal sex. If this does not work, then no technical tricks and techniques unique, you will not be able to compensate for their lack of interest in sex.

Women too few are aware of his body and the possibilities from which you can enjoy. sex goddess must first of all do not hesitate to become familiar with your body and feel the power of sensual caresses. Only in this way, you will understand how to keep the penis, where the time to push and how to act on the scrotum and prostate men during a blowjob, because masturbation will give you knowledge of touch.

Giving yourself enough sexual attention and do not hesitate, the woman becomes bolder, more accessible in the experiments, the confidence and the understanding of what is really a pleasure to both partners. Few of the men like the Lady, who entrusts himself to him, but she is not going to do anything. You have to have a program of the pleasures that are pleasing to you, and will bring pleasure to the man.